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Diary of terror launched by News in community campaign

An online diary of terror has been launched by the Norwich Evening News to provide ammunition for its Reclaim Our Communities campaign.

The paper is calling on readers to register complaints on flytipping, anti-social behaviour, abandoned cars, prostitution, graffiti, dog dirt and litter.

It has offered readers a chance to act, saying: “We want your help in combating those who bring shame on our city, towns and villages.

“We will then use the information to highlight problems to our councils and police force.

“Our initiative comes after more and more people are becoming concerned at the national rise in yob culture, which has seen drunken thugs take over children’s playparks at night and people polluting our environment with fly-tipping.”

It got an early response from readers and then community leaders got on board and after that letters, e-mail and phone calls poured into the paper’s offices.

Deputy editor Tim Williams said: “It’s all too easy to dish up a constant diet of low-level misery in our pages, but surely it seems a much better idea to engage people and be proactive.

“How many of us walk past trouble, how many of us don’t bat an eyelid at ugly grafitti and how many of us accept fly-tipping defacing our communities as just one of those things?

“By talking to police, councillors and others in authority we can all change things. If the Evening News makes it easier for people to do this or, if necessary, does it on their behalf, it can only be a good thing.

“We all want safe, clean places in which to live and hopefully this initiative will go some way to making this a reality.”

Diary entries so far include:

  • Used drugs needles turning a churchyard into a health hazard;
  • A stand against anti-social behaviour by residents in Acle;
  • Community leaders vowing to track down and prosecute fly-tippers;
  • A new study into anti-social behaviour from Broadland District Council;
  • Support for Tony Blair’s call for early intervention to prevent children “going off the rails”.