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Baby talk in Tamworth

Having a baby is a life-changing event – but journalist Sonya Britton was happy to share her experiences with the whole of Tamworth.

Sonya, a reporter on the Tamworth Herald, has been writing a column about her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of son Jude.

The piece started as an occasional feature suggested by her editor, but as time has gone by it has become a more regular part of the newspaper.

Sonya explained: “Towards the end of my pregnancy, the editor asked me if I wanted to write a little about my experiences and how it all felt. I said ‘OK’ and wrote a few pieces. Then after Jude was born, it seemed like there was plenty more to talk about and so the column has become something of a permanent fixture.”

Having a column devoted to his upbringing means Jude is Tamworth’s most famous baby.

Sonya said: “I was sitting in the doctor’s surgery talking to the other mums when one of them suddenly realised who I was. It turns out she had kept everything I’d written about Jude.”

The column has had a fantastic reponse and Sonya puts this down to the ‘universal’ subject matter.

She said: “There is so much to write about and some of it has real practical use for the women who read it.”

At the moment, Sonya hasn’t decided how long the column will continue.

She said: “Some of the health visitors I have spoken to want me to carry on the column throughout Jude’s early years but I think we’ll have to see.”

And asked if she is planning another child, Sonya laughed: “Just having one child takes up all my time at the moment but you never know.”

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