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Annual tribute for hero honoured by the Herald

The community of Tamworth is set to pay tribute to war hero Colin Grazier with an annual ‘Grazier Day’.

The plans for the tribute follow a five-year campaign by the Tamworth Herald to honour the unsung heroes.

An official memorial fund set up by the paper has recently been wound up, and a ceremony to mark the day he gave his life retrieving Enigma codes from a German U-boat will now be held at the Colin Grazier Memorial in Tamworth on the nearest Sunday to October 30 each year.

The first Grazier Day was held last week, on October 26, when the Vicar of Tamworth, Rev Alan Barrett, led a short service at the monument.

Herald deputy editor Phil Shanahan said: “For 60 years Grazier was virtually unknown in his home town. Over the past few years we have seen incredible developments in his honour.

“Various roads have been named after his story, a hotel bears his name, beers and a working men’s suite have also been named after him – and of course we have the stunning monument in St Editha’s Square.

“Having achieved all this it would be wrong to simply forget all about Colin Grazier. He took part in one of the most important acts of courage the world has known and it is only right that this town honours him in some way on each anniversary of that act.”

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