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'Alternative' London paper to launch

A new ‘alternative’ weekly newspaper aimed at 20 to 35 year olds is being launched this month in central London.

The London Line will be published by new start-up company Black Coffee Publishing and its concept is based on American ‘alternative’ newspapers such as the Village Voice in New York.

A pilot issue was published in August, and feedback from this has been used to shape the new paper.

Publisher Damian Kahya said: “It went out to 1,800 people in Soho and Holborn and we invited feedback.

“People commented on its high quality and said it had much more to read than newspapers such as Metro.

“It also allowed us to make changes and we have given it more of a magazine feel with longer interviews and more info boxes.”

The first issue of The Line is planned for March 31, and it will then be published every Thursday and distributed in Westminster, Clapham and Camden.

It will be available from outside tube stations, and half of the 33,600 printed will also be handed out on the street.

With a staff of eight, it will focus predominantly on arts and entertainment and will also include news-based features on London or international matters – staying away from Westminster politics – an alternative weekend planner, interviews and reviews.