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The bit we couldn't publish…?

You may have read our story about the former UK regional press snappers chasing pictures of Michael Jackson on his Neverland ranch.

There’s more… but we couldn’t really leave it in the finished copy.

Former Brighton Argus man David Buchan, now with LA-based White Bronco agency, and Stewart Cook, previously with the Reading Evening Post and now at Rex Features, booked a helicopter to get their man.

David said afterwards: “Me and Stewart had just arrived at the ranch and both of us were taking pictures from the small open windows in the side doors of our helicopter.

“The trouble was that within five minutes of our flight over the ranch I started to feel a little on the sick side.

“Unfortunately we hadn’t really come prepared for this unforeseen turn of events and I had no other choice other than sticking my head as far as it would go through the window and letting loose right over the top of Jacko’s home while county sheriffs were going on with their search of the premises.”

In his defence, David said that it was “better out than in” and that Michael was always prepared for this sort of thing with his umbrella.

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