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Newsroom fun

We couldn’t resist revisiting the Accrington Observer’s merry newsroom just once more… to reap the wise words recorded by Liz Payne.

Observer staff demonstrating broad music and movie knowledge:

Mervyn – not really understanding the Star Wars phenomenon on the release of Episode I: “I don’t understand it. Is it just about spaceships chasing each other about?”

Mervyn – discussing how his sons like dance music and how he doesn’t understand it: “It’s just DJs doing a lot of shouting. You listen to a song and they just shout ‘Where’s all the noise on the left hand side?’ I just don’t get it.”

Mervyn trying to find out who (or what) Bon Jovi are: “I don’t know who they are. Are they a band or something?”

Demonstrating their intelligence…

Darren rings Pilkington’s Buses to query new service. Boss Ray Pilkington gladly hands over information and Darren says: “Thanks Ray… What’s your surname?”

Louise: “Margaret. That story about the bloke tickling the ivories. Was it a piano or an organ?”

Demonstrating tact, sympathy and diplomacy skills…

Phil: “Someone’s just passed away on a railway line.”

Donna wrote a story about mum and son who died in a fire. The other children put letters in the coffin.
Mervyn’s response: “What good’s a coffin if you’re being cremated?

The ‘did I really say that?’ moment…

Janet tells everyone about a court case she’s writing in which a burglar told police he was wearing gloves because he didn’t want anyone to see that he was wearing pink nail polish. After a general office discussion about men wearing nail polish Margaret points out that Eddie Izzard looks good in it. To which Mervyn replies: “Eddie the Eagle?”

Mervyn – commenting on story about plastic snowman stolen from pub and held for ransom: “Was it a real snowman?”

Louise discussed in great detail about going to see a dodgy businessman for an interview and how he sped off in his car and flashed his lights at her. Mervyn’s question: “Did you talk to him?”

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