28 January 2015

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Welcome to our features section. Here you will find links to all the bits of HoldtheFrontPage which aren’t strictly ‘news’ but which are still very much a part of our coverage of the industry, including blogs, journalists’ books, and our infamous ‘funnies.’ From time to time we will also add other topical sections here focusing in-depth on particular ongoing stories or issues affecting the trade.


HoldtheFrontPage is well-known for its regular round-ups of press and media gaffes which for a time were branded Friday Funnies to reflect their status as the perfect end to the working week.  Rather parceling them up into collections we now publish them on the Funnies channel and also on the homepage as and when we spot them. This feature depends very much on contributions from our eagle-eyed readers so if you spot one, please tell us about it by emailing editor.htfp@and.co.uk.

Journalists’ books

Many journalists have put their writing skills to good use outside the newsroom by penning books and novels. Some draw on their own experiences to write fictional stories while others use real life events they’ve encountered through work for factual books. This page contains links to all the recent stories we have carried about books written by current or former regional press journalists, some of which have gone on to win recognition in national award schemes.

Take Five

An occasional feature in which we ask editors and other prominent regional press figures five set questions about their careers – where they started out, who or what inspired them to go into journalism, their best story or headline, the best journalist they have worked with or for, and which other newspapers they most admire. We are always looking for volunteers so if you would like to take part, email editor.htfp@and.co.uk.

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