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Welcome to our main news index. Here you will find all the news stories that have appeared on the site since our launch in February 2000.

If you want to look up a story from a certain month you can use our Journalism News Archive which lists stories by date and also according to which channel or category they appeared in (eg law, campaigns, awards.)

If you are looking for a story about a particular newspaper or media company, you can use the links in the ‘Main News Links’ list to the right to take you to our directory pages. Here you will find indexes of all the stories we have written about each of the newspapers and media companies featured on the site.

Profits up at regional newspaper group

Regional Independent Media appears to have found an answer to the economic downturn, with an announcement of increased operating profits for 2001. Operating profit for the company as a whole increased by eight per cent to £44.1m and turnover by

Terrorist attacks 'brought out strengths of regional press'

The strengths of the regional press in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America have been highlighted by Regional Independent Media chairman Lord Fowler. Presenting the company’s preliminary results, he said the attacks had not just affected

Circulation up and costs down for Trinity Mirror regionals

Trinity Mirror’s preliminary year-end results show the company increased turnover and profit – but a £168m exceptional operating cost connected with former Mirror Group titles put a different slant on the figures. Turnover increased 4.8 per cent to £1,131.1m, with

A great life – but don't expect to make a fortune

Page 4 of 5 But a popular route to bigger bucks is leaving the industry altogether. Poacher turned gamekeeper: entering the world of PR, where council pay scales can mean guaranteed pay rises for the rest of your career and,

Dailies reduce bulk sales and discounted copies

The latest regional newspaper circulation figures are being seen as a truer indication of sales with the industry reducing bulk sales and the number of discounted copies. Evening newspaper titles have been proactive in reducing bulk figures, which was partly

The trainer's point of view

Page 1 of 2 Editorial trainer and consultant David Scott said that when it comes to poaching newspaper staff it can be “dog eat dog” within the media industry. “When I was a junior you did not break your indentures

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In at the deep end By Morag Macpherson Morag Macpherson has been enjoying a six-week work experience placement at the Sunday Herald.Here she shares her experience of working for a weekly newspaper. I’ve nearly completed my six weeks work experience

Just two arrests after IRA bomb – one was local reporter

Only two arrests were made in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing outrage of 1996 – and one of those was Manchester Evening News journalist Steve Panter. The other was the senior police officer who was cleared by a jury

What YOU told us…

Page 2 of 4 Trainees and reporters in Scotland and Wales said they earned upwards of £9,000, rising to £14,000 among those who responded to our survey. Salaries for senior reporters in Surrey, Essex, Kent and the south coast ranged

A great life – but don't expect to make a fortune

Page 1 of 5 “It’s a great life but don’t expect to make a fortune,” was the advice when I started out in the business. I began a three-year indentured traineeship with the Sleaford Standard, and later the Lincolnshire Echo,

Cry for help from a trainee

Page 2 of 2 Does anybody know of a fund for impoverished journalists, respectable way of supplementing my income, or have any other ideas? I know I’m not that low paid and should be relatively well off for a trainee

Jim Brown: "We're training the rest of the industry"

Page 1 of 2 Jim Brown, executive chairman of Newsquest, knows that the training his company offers is so thorough that other sectors of the industry are more than happy to poach the successful end product. He said: “We regard

Papers "missing out" on talent

Page 1 of 3 The National Union of Journalists claims that although editors may have candidates queueing up to get job interviews, the industry is still missing out on talented graduates because of low pay. Executive member Chris Morley, at

What YOU told us…

Page 1 of 4 Fifty Holdthefrontpage readers have told us what they might not tell their colleagues – how much they earn and how long they work. As well as the facts and figures, our respondents also provided us with

How employees can 'own' the company

Page 2 of 2 The company was recognised for its shares triumph at the 2000 ProShare Awards, where judges noted that the group had more employee shareholders than any other group of shareholders and heralded its “remarkable achievement”. ECNG has

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