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Laughter is the best medicine and our regular round-up of press and media funnies aims to put a smile on the most downcast of faces.

From amusingly misspelt headlines to double-entendres of the first degree, we want to feature them on this page.

We used to round them up into collections of ‘Friday Funnies’ and these can still be viewed here, but we will now be publishing them individually both here and on the site homepage.

If you spot one, tell us about it at

Unidentified Headline 70

Be careful when leaving your seat! by Graham Smith Page 3 of 3 Floored by the foodI see they are putting more fibre in Big Macs these days. Opening up 20 burgers he had bought for his son’s birthday party

Cheeky snap wins top prize

Holdthefrontpage’s favourite picture from 2001 wasn’t taken by a newspaper photographer. It was one sent in to the Tamworth Herald for its Hooked on Herald feature, where readers take their favorite weekly paper around the world and have their photo

Cheeky reader gets one over on Chronicle

A cheeky reader managed to get one over on the Newcastle Evening Chronicle with an entry into the paper’s daily poetry section. The feature has been a big hit with readers, but the paper was caught out when one decided

Unidentified Headline 72

Old pops can beat the idols by Graham Smith Page 3 of 3 The man won the pork chops in a raffle on a night out. Quite why he decided to strap them to his feet is not clear but

Q: Who'd dress up as Ali G? A: Our Lucy would

Booyakasha! Is fancy dress a load of rap? That’s the question the Grimsby Evening Telegraph’s health reporter Lucy Wood set out to answer on her latest assignment at the paper. Lucy (pictured above – believe it or not) was dispatched

Ram raid with a difference

An ordinary ram raid – until you take a look at the by-line. Are the police following up all lines of inquiry?: And while we’re on the subject of animal names: This bovine safety expert must have been directing operations:

It wasn't me – Jimmy Floyd

Not content with having his red card rescinded, Jimmy Floyd is to release a cover of Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me – well we think he should anyway. In the most vociferous call for video replays for referees yet, our man

What's this mountain 'ere?

More than 70 dedicated readers of the South Bucks Star scaled the Austrian Alps – but not without first packing a copy of the free weekly in their rucksacks. The stunt, by employees of a High Wycombe-based company, takes the

Incontinent with euronation

Incontinent with euronation by Graham Smith Freelance journalist Graham Smith, of Mediaworld, takes a close look at a new currency. Page 1 of 3 I have been euronating ever since New Year’s Eve and it’s not the drink. It’s an

Unidentified Headline 75

Incontinent with euronation by Graham Smith Page 2 of 3 The euphoria which has accompanied the launch of Mickey Mouse money is frightening. “Join us,” said Bank of France governor Jean-Claude Trichet. Now listen very carefully Monsieur, I will say

Unidentified Headline 74

Incontinent with euronation by Graham Smith Page 3 of 3 Hard evidenceAn Egyptian has been arrested after trying to smuggle 16,500 Viagra tablets out of Thailand. Mogi Neer Saki was seized at the airport’s departure terminal with the pills hidden

Anyone for a sausage – all 49 of them!

Never work with children or animals is an adage as useful to journalists as the acting profession – but dead animals? The lesson was learned the hard way by Ian Murray, of the Southern Daily Echo in Southampton, when he

Old pops can beat the idols

Old pops can beat the idols by Graham Smith Freelance journalist Graham Smith, of Mediaworld, on why a golden oldie is causing a musical stir. Page 1 of 3 If music was the food of love half of today’s pop

Unidentified Headline 73

Old pops can beat the idols by Graham Smith Page 2 of 3 Pity, he would do well. I recently listened to a CD of 40s and 50s variety star Ronnie Ronalde, the magic whistler, and CDs of veteran stars

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