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NUJ calls for investment in journalism at launch of local media campaign

nujlogoA fresh drive for investment in quality local journalism has been launched as part of a week-long celebration of regional media.

The National Union of Journalists has issued the call to mark its  Local News Matters week in association with the Trades Union Congress.

The week will also feature a series of conferences and activities each day around the UK, which the NUJ says will involve journalists from all parts of the local media.

Ahead of the event’s launch on Friday, the NUJ’s parliamentary group chair Helen Goodman MP tabled an early day motion urging the government to take steps to support investment in local news.

Seamus Dooley, the union’s acting general secretary, said: “As acting general secretary I’m pleased to launch our campaign by calling on every member of the union to play their part in defending local news. Local News matters, and if we as journalists do not stand up for journalism who will meet the challenge?

“In the coming days I would encourage every member to attend an event, send a message of support – even buy a newspaper produced by NUJ members. Let’s celebrate quality local journalism as well as demanding fair pay and fair play for regional journalists.

“Local journalism is vital for democracy and the protection of journalism is part of our core function.”


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  • March 27, 2017 at 10:49 am

    A laudible clarion call but to who is it aimed?

    The publishers have little or no interest in quality as the best staff dont come cheap,instead they replace them with less experienced ( i`m being kind here) staff and easy to manager `editors` as its the cheap and easy option,so despite preaching a multi platform,life is local message to all they switc priorities from one medium to the other on an almost weekly basis in a desperate chase for any ad revenues they can get to meet a target.

    The government? why should we the tax payer subsidise businesses who pay good salaries and bonus to those in the higher pecking order while those at the sharp end have poverty/costs/overheads and tough trading times preached to them as a way of justifying pay freezes and staff cutbacks?
    Journalists? most in my experience would love to work to a quality brief but this is at odds with the reality of life in a news room in 2017,theres no job satisfaction in producing churn, scraping social media or pushing out copy that is aimed at attracting clicks.

    In reality Mr Dooley there`s only so much defending of the local press individuals can do when those in positions of power simply arent interested and not prepapred to pay for quality and a genuine local,community news service

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  • March 27, 2017 at 11:44 am

    This message would be better aimed at those running, i almost typed ‘ruining’ the country’s regional presses than those poor souls expected to produce quality when quality is a dirty word these days, yes we would all love to, yes we all believe in it but until the powers that be support a quality news service, sufficiently staffed as with enough time to produce quality copy the ever downward spiral of doing everything on the cheap as quickly and as ‘clic friendly’ as possible nothing will change.
    Far better to meet with the publishers themselves and get commitment from them, not just the lip service dished out whenever sales figures show further losses and a sales push demands action.
    Words are cheap, actions speak louder and sorry to say the action is all around cost savings and not quality

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  • March 27, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    When will the government and the unions realise and accept that the country’s regional press publishers are in fact businesses and its the responsibility of the owners and boards to put their houses in order and produce papers and web sites people want to buy and spend money with ,not the over burdened tax payer.

    Already we are hearing about well run independent local publishers running efficient businesses and growing market share in their areas. Far better to support and encourage those than throw good money after bad and at businesses who have made a hash of things by poor decision making, failure to keep up with new competition and who reaped the benefits without offering to share their profits with us, and why should they?
    By the same token stand or fall by your own decisions,
    Quit the chase for easy money snd invest in a top quality local news service and the readers might just make return, although in all likelihood too much damage has already been done so a call to arms around supporting quality is pointless

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