31 January 2015

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Regional daily ‘left without picture desk’

A regional daily is understood to have been left without a picture desk after both its picture editor and his deputy left the title.

The picture editor at the Manchester Evening News is understood to have left the newspaper last month and his work is now expected to be taken on by the newsdesk.

The move follows the departure of the title’s deputy picture editor a number of months ago.

A source told HTFP that the title had now been left without a picture desk and that the news desk would be carrying out its work, which includes managing the paper’s photographers.

It is not known whether the departure of the picture editor was through voluntary or compulsory redundancy.

Trinity Mirror, which owns the MEN, declined to comment.


  1. Enough Is Enough, Coventry

    We’ve been operating with one photographer for more than a year. Trinity Mirror don’t think they’re necessary.

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  2. One voice

    It’s a bizarre world we live in!

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  3. Ex-Trinity

    This move was announced many months ago as part of the annual cull, the redundancy was compulsory and the picture editor (and her long-gone deputy) was a ‘she’ not a ‘he’ as per your report.
    Yes, what was once Britain’s biggest regional newspaper can manage without a picture desk…just as they long ago decided they could manage without staff photographers.
    It’s the future!

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  4. Bob

    When they work out who you are, Enough is Enough, I suspect they’ll feel the same about you, amount of time you spend on here commenting.

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  5. Photog

    Baby thrown out along with the bath water… Good luck with that!

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  6. JP Cost Cut Victim

    Bob – I don’t think it was necessary for you to comment on how many times people comment on here. The more the better.

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  7. Enough Is Enough, Coventry

    Bob – They’ve tried a couple of times already to put me in the redundancy pool but I managed to live to fight another day. Not too long before retirement though.

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