28 January 2015

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Journalist turned PR boss in warning to sportswriters

A  sportswriter who quit the industry to join Rangers Football Club as its PR boss has warned journalists to “be very careful” when talking or writing about the club.

Jim Taynor left the Daily Record last month after 37 years in journalism and then joined Rangers as its director of communications.

He has now written a comment piece on the club’s website, which stresses that “no one will attack Rangers with impunity”.

Jim previously criticised media coverage of the club in his final column for the Daily Record, saying his conscience would not allow him to remain in the industry.

In his comment piece for the club, he wrote: “This club accepted their sanctions and moved on but too many others have been unable to do the same.

“They continue their assaults and while the deranged, who are using social media sites as conduits for their twisted agendas, should be ignored there are more than a few in the mainstream still maligning the club at every opportunity.

“In a BBC radio debate last Saturday night one pundit, in a matter-of-fact manner, said [chief executive] Charles Green speaks with ‘forked tongue.’

“No attempt to explain or justify the statement, just as no explanation was offered when another radio voice claimed there was a dishonesty about [former manager] Walter Smith when he went public with a late bid for the club.

“Word of advice gentlemen. From now on be very careful when talking or writing about this club.

“To paraphrase something said about another club, Rangers will not be treated less than others. And although there is no desire to pick fights, be assured that no one will attack Rangers with impunity.”

As a journalist, Jim worked at The Herald, the Daily Express and the Daily Record, as well as being a presenter for BBC Radio Scotland.

His full piece can be read here.


  1. Murdo, North

    PR boss? Really.

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  2. Morto, Scotland

    He’s already following the Club’s popular, “pick on us and we’ll get you” approach to PR. I can’t imagine his standing within the journalistic profession is being enhanced by this nonsense.

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  3. pedrowe

    As a PR boss, he has a lot of learning to do.

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  4. grey haired hack, kent

    It does sound like he has some learning to do. I also understand his frustration that when a bad situation has moved on, there are still some media numpties who can’t or won’t handle that and keep dragging up an outdated past for any easy story. Readers get bored with the same old claptrap and that doesn’t do anybody any favours.

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  5. mr traynor's public therapy session, sans typos, london

    Is that Public Relations or Public Retaliations ?

    I’ve never seen such an “abomination” of a piece from someone who is meant to enhance the brand value of an organisation.

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  6. Stuart Thomson, London

    Charles Green aims to pry readers of Rangers-related stories away from newspapers and onto the club’s website instead.
    Hiring the most popular and experienced football columnist in Scotland is one way of achieving this.

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  7. Subbed Out

    Oh dear…oh dear….a home goal, I think.

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  8. Tsk

    “Hiring the most popular and experienced football columnist in Scotland is one way of achieving this.”

    When’s he going to do that, then?

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