26 January 2015

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Police force seeks community reporters for new project

Community reporters are being sought to experience life on the beat with Greater Manchester Police.

People can apply to spend time with neighbourhood teams to see first-hand what local police do on a day-to-day basis – and will be asked to Tweet, blog and take video clips of what goes on.

Dep Ch Cons Ian Hopkins said: ““This is a unique opportunity for people to be able to see behind the scenes at what officers and staff face on a daily basis. But also to give their views about what they experience.

“It is just part of our work to encourage people to tell us how they will judge whether we are making a difference.”

For more information on applying, visit the force website.


  1. Cleland Thom

    From my experience of Greater Manchester Police, these new community ‘reporters’ will take videos – then they’ll be threatened, manhandled, get their cameras confiscated and then arrested as suspected terrorists because they are quite legally taking photographs in a public place.

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  2. Stuart Littleford, Manchester

    It’s a Shame that GMP treat press card carrying journalists who are on the scene of incidents quickly with such hate. I have had five official assaults logged by their officers. All investigated and nothing done. Lies told despite all caught on video. And me with a recognised press card in a public place doing nothing wrong. Good luck citizens!!!!!!

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