26 January 2015

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Sir Ray Tindle pays out £250,000 in staff bonuses

Local newspaper publisher Sir Ray Tindle is to pay bonuses totalling £250,000 to all full-time staff.

The veteran entrepreneur has announced that each full-time employee will receive a lump sum of between £125 and £400 according to individual profits of each centre.

He said the maximum £400 bonus would be earned by staff at seven of the centres. The total cost involved is close to £250,000.

Individual letters to staff announcing the payments is will reach them shortly and will be signed by Sir Ray and other senior managers as well the local general manager or director.

Sir Ray said today: “We believe that most of our local community papers around the country, though substantially affected by this recession, are performing better than the average and are providing sufficient profits to keep others going.”

He said the company had launched 17 local titles since the recession started. “We believe these new papers will produce new revenue to help offset the loss from situations vacant and national advertising,” he added.


  1. Cherrywonder


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  2. GladImOutOfIt

    It has to be admitted that Tindle’s pay rates are among the lowest in the country, however…

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  3. grey haired hack, Kent

    At last something positive about pay for journos. Hope people get the ir cash in time for Christmas!

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  4. unionman

    What about the part-timers? Nothing even pro-rata?

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  5. Dave White

    Ah, I remember when Northcliffe used to pay their staff an extra week’s wages (taxed) as a Christmas bonus. Happy days!

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  6. J Steed

    Just how old are you Dave?

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  7. Boring old sub-editor

    I too can remember the full week’s wages as a Christmas bonus from Northcliffe. Then it went down to £150; then £50; then a bottle of wine; then zilch. Sadly, J. Steed, I am rather ancient, having worked for Northcliffe for 30+ years. Pension’s not going to be bad, though!

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