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Regional daily to move into new city centre offices

A Midlands daily is to move to new offices that its publisher says will put it “back at the heart” of the city.

The Nottingham Post was based at offices on Forman Street in the centre of Nottingham until 1998 when the paper relocated to Castle Wharf, in the heart of the city’s canal conservation area.

However as reported in HTFP in February, the Northcliffe-owned daily is on the move again after the Castle Wharf offices were leased to the Land Registry.

Now it has been announced that its new premises will be at City Gate building in Toll House Hill, with the move to take place next Monday.

Publisher Steve Hollingsworth said: “What excites me about this move is that it puts the Post back at the heartbeat of the city.””I think the new location will make us more accessible and it brings business advantages in that the operating costs are less there than they are here.”

About 200 staff are employed at the Castle Wharf House offices, and all will make the transfer to the third floor of the City Gate building.

About 82 of the positions are regional pre-press and IT jobs for Northcliffe Media, the Post’s parent publishing company, while around 112 work directly for the Post and its sister titles.

A customer service front desk for the public is to be based in the MSR Newsgroup shop, in Angel Row, where adverts can be booked, which will be the first of a series of planned Post retail outlets in the city.

Added Steve:  “This move is a positive move for the Nottingham Post and we can look forward to developing our portfolio in the area.”


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  • June 25, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Journalists (correctly) demand the truth when pursuing stories.

    Why cannot the management of the Post simply admit that the former premises were far too large for the needs of a failing newspaper. Circulation is only a fraction of what it was not so many years ago, and staffing levels continue to decline.

    Why should anyone be excited, when the task in reality is simply that of managing decline?

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  • June 25, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Too large, when they moved to Castle Wharf it was too small!!!
    112 working for the Post and it’s sister titles – you mean the old opposition title.
    Still it’s not all doom and gloom Steve H is about the best that they have and he will try his hardest to move the business forward in an honest way.
    That’s if he is allowed to of course.
    Good luck Steve – you will need it.

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