31 January 2015

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Jobs go as publisher outsources ad creation teams to India

Regional publisher Johnston Press has announced plans to outsource half of its advertising creation work to India with the loss of around 60-70 UK jobs.

The regional publisher told staff on Friday the work would be transferred away from JP centres in Leeds, Sheffield, Peterborough and Edinburgh to a partnership including the Press Association and Express KCS Ltd.

According to one of the affected staff members, people affected by the announcement have been told by the company they can choose to move to work in India – but have just a week to decide if they wish to do so.

The company says it plans to expand its service desk in Sheffield with seven new roles in traffic and workflow management and affected staff can apply for these vacancies.

The announcement was made on Friday by Paul Wealleans, director of group pre-press services.

He said: “Following a detailed review of the Advertising Creation function, the Group proposes to transfer this activity from Leeds, Peterborough, Edinburgh, and Sheffield, to Express KCS Ltd partnering with the Press Association.

“The company will retain the creative services teams at Carn, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Preston.

“Additionally it is proposed that the Service desk in Sheffield will be expanded by seven new roles in Traffic and Workflow Management. Staff from within the affected Ad Creation and Creative teams will have the opportunity to apply for these vacancies.

“We have commenced consultation today with the individuals affected and anticipate that this process will be complete by the end of July.”

One of the affected staff members told HTFP: “It will just mean all the advertising is going to be designed by people in India who don’t know anything about the local market. I think it is about 60 or 70 people who are affected.

“There are people there who have been doing it for 25 or 30 years and they are obviously completely destroyed by it.”

The teams design adverts, create websites and design artwork for editorial.

Express KCS and PA signed a partnership deal last November to offer creative production services to newspaper publishers in the UK from production centres in India.


  1. JP Insider

    “Life is Local”

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  2. outofit

    Stand by for a flood of complaints from advertisers when the mistakes start to roll in. Makes JP’s boast about being local and at the heart of the community look a bit sick, doesn’t it?
    A week to decide whether they want to live in India? How long can JP continue to treat people like this?
    Nice to know there will be a few new jobs in Traffic and Workflow Management though – whatever that is.

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  3. Scott

    PA. Two letters that send a shiver down my spine. As for Johnston Press, as so many people have said, get out now and bite the bullet. You may get a couple more years, but there’s no excuses now for not having plans in place for when you get the axe. And it will be a when, not an if

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  4. John Bull

    Why can’t we outsource the JP management to Timbuktu? People there might have a better idea how to run a newspaper business. Another shocking indictment of JP’s sheer inability to understand, invest and reap rewards.

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  5. Curious

    The global village… This is what JP must think Life is Local means!
    Everyone knows they are desperate but this just shows exactly how desperate they are.

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  6. John Stone

    A week to decide whether to move to India?
    That is the story!

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  7. Billy Bewildered

    The idiocy of those running JP continues to be unbelievable.

    I don’t doubt for a second Mr Highfield has some major debts to clear, and that isn’t necessarily his fault as the previous regimes have done their best to bring the company to its knees, but outsourcing jobs to India? Seriously?

    These are all the kinds of decisions that will finish JP off in no time at all. And as a current JP employee, that’s a very worrying prospect.

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  8. Hack's All Folks

    Templates from Spain, advertising from India, management from another planet. Life is indeed local….

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  9. GladImOutOfIt

    It’ll never last!

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  10. lensman

    Surprised JP haven’t outsourced editorial to India as well given that most of the reporters probably haven’t got time to get out of the office these days.

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  11. Corporal Clegg

    Shoddy. Very, very shoddy.

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  12. voice of reason

    Giving people a week to decide whether they want to relocate to India is
    absolutely extraordinary. The bosses at JP beggar belief with their apparent complete disregard for their staff.

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  13. Jack O'Lantern

    Jeez Lensman, don’t give them any ideas.

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  14. Spanner

    I think you will find that all Northcliffe ad creation went offshore two months ago !

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  15. hacker

    ‘According to one of the affected staff members, people affected by the announcement have been told by the company they can choose to move to work in India – but have just a week to decide if they wish to do so.’

    Excuse me, is it April 1?

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  16. Freddie

    Let me tell you why this is appalling ..

    If ANY company ANYWHERE outsourced to India and gave people a week to choose, it would be front page news. Can I make a safe prediction that this will not even make a nib in any of the papers.

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  17. Frustrated

    If ‘local is king’ then JP just committed regicide.

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  18. Last one out - switch off the light

    “Spanner” is correct about northcliffe (no caps for “N” anymore) these guys are about 5 years behind other “major” companies as these are now re – re locating back to the UK as the Indian based staff are now demanding more money as their standard of living improves, as they should – China will be next. Thought – why have we not seen any major reaction from the unions or indeed the staff themselves? Maybe it’s time for concerted/co-ordinated action.
    The employees are continually being squeezed and then fired!!!
    Hit the Likes of JP, Trinity and northcliffe in the pocket! Let them feel the squeeze too!!! Lets see how many directors stay in positions after several strikes and even more falls in returns for the share holders.
    Just a thought. Don’t go at it company by company go after them all at once.
    Revolution, what revolution – citizen Smith!

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  19. Hack, the north

    This is just incredible. How can anyone think this is a good idea to save, what, a few thousand quid a year? They’ll have to pay that back in free adverts anyway when the complaints start to roll in. It’s already difficult enough when people have to now phone a central classified centre 100 miles away in Sheffield to place a death announcement and are told that our particular town doesn’t have a JP paper (it does, and has done for 100 years). JP bosses just don’t seem to understand that our readers are not stupid, they do notice these things and that’s part of the reason they are leaving us in their droves.

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  20. Corporal Clegg

    It’s as morally wrong as Jimmy Carr’s tax wheeze

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  21. Lurker

    I used to work in a Local Authority doing work for a government department. We were then sold off, and then became a subsidiary of a government “Agency”. Most of the personal and private client details were inputted (?) in India.
    We frequently found vulgar words obviously deliberately typed in the middle of an address or similar. I once found a screed saying Oh **** I’m fed up with this ****, and more.
    It was absolutely terrible, I hated it, and apparently nothing could be done about it!

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  22. Scott

    The worst thing is, as is mentioned above, that such stories won’t ever be brought to the public, who would probably be disgusted. The BBC or other local media never seem to get stuck in to job losses, probably because they fear they would be seen to be dancing on the graves of their rivals. But someone has to tell the punter why they shouldn’t spend a penny on their local media companies anymore

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  23. Runaway Ed

    Very recently politicians have pronounced on rich people’s tax avoidance (Cameron) and the effect of East European immigration on the working class (Milliband).
    I’d like to see someone add certain types of ‘out-sourcing’ to the list we should all fume about.
    After all, what is it? Killing off British-based jobs for a product only required in GB. Sending the work abroad to where staff can be paid what is often below minimum wage here. Dumping former British workers on the benefits system for the rest of us to pick up the tab. Then paying bonuses to executives for ‘achieving their targets’… which might well go into tax-avoiding schemes overseas.

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  24. Watching from afar

    Anyone remember the recent gaffe by a government employed design company in India? It led to health warnings on cigarette packs which carried a photograph of England player John Terry! I foresee such farce repeating itself on Johnston artwork. God only knows what howlers will make it into print once the cultural differences and differing standards start to take effect!

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  25. Chris IH, Lincoln

    Outrageous. Even by JP’s appalling standards.

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  26. Mr I

    JP to be renamed Jalfrezi Press. I’ll have a 15X3 with pilau rice please.

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  27. catching up fast...

    Please everyone leave them alone, do you realise how easy they are making it for us small independents.

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  28. Hack's All Folks

    JP could do with a PR guru to handle all the bad press. Oh hang on, there’s no journalists left…

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  29. The Real Deal

    The old joke about local papers are only good for wrapping your chips in, won’t be the same any more.
    Not quite sure if the JP titles will be any good at containing a runny vindaloo.
    Seriously though, they are shutting down print works, they are shutting down local offices, they are sacking local journalists,they are sacking local sales and admin staff, when will the penny finally drop.
    Please, please, please, JP, northcliffe, Trinity and the rest of the sorry gang go away and find another business to ruin. Perhaps they could pool their dwindling resources and buy a Bank, at least if they cock that up they can apply to the Government for some tax payers money to bail them out.

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  30. M JP Pre-press, Leeds

    As a member of JP staff who has been given this “1 week” decision… we as a department have refused to make the decision. We have been supplied with no information about this transfer whatsoever apart from the new company’s name and city of location. Hardly enough to base a decision on up-rooting your family half way round the world. All management are unavailable for contact and HR is “too busy” to deal with our requests.

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  31. adgirl

    JP is rapidly disappearing up its own rear end. The horrific rollercoaster ride that this company is putting the dedicated, talented, loyal staff through is cruel at best. Have they not yet realised that the only reason the company still exists is the committment of the staff at a local level who bring out quality newspapers week after week despite the best efforts of JP to make it more and difficult to do so. Local editorial and ad teams work tirelessly to be part of the local community and most are rightly proud of their titles. JP have made suicidal business decisions over the years and it is the workers who have suffered the consequences most. Now we hear that our superb studio teams are under consultation but could have a chance to work in India as long as they reply within a week. HELLO wake up and smell the coffee JP you really are the lowest of the low. This rollercoaster ride I can see will only get worse, not a case of if you get ceremoniously thrown over the edge but when.

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  32. JP Insider

    What a shambles JP are. The way they treat people is a disgrace.

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  33. Last one out - switch off the light

    As I said “bring on the revolution” – concerted/co-ordinated action by the remaining staff is the ONLY WAY TO MAKE THEM LISTEN!!

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  34. Curious

    Why isn’t the BBC reporting this? Is it cowardice? Shame on them!

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  35. former journalist

    It’s outrageous, greedy greedy owners, as they tear industry to shreds. Won’t be long until journalists outsourced…..there must be someone out there with a shred of humanity and business sense to make newspapers work and be part of their community again….

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  36. Billy Bewildered

    I’d at least suggest a Twitter campaign (given JP are so keen for that medium to be used in their favour) to spread the word about how ridiculous this is.

    A bit of negative publicity may make them realise just how stupid it all is. Unless I’m being over-optimistic there of course.

    They really are clowns.

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  37. Former employee

    About time this so called publisher through in the towel! Left them six years ago and they are still going down hill. Would have thought they had reached the bottom long ago…. but sadly they are still dragging newspaper publishing as low as it can go. No way to treat employees like this!!!!

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  38. RT, Croydon

    Just a thought, but there might be some major (possibly insurmountable) work visa issues to be overcome if people decided they fancied relocating to India. JP are clearly making this offer to comply with Tupe guidelines in the safe knowledge nobody will uproot themselves. They might come a bit unstuck if somebody said they DID want to make the move, and on their existing terms and conditions. Anybody fancy giving it a go?

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  39. New guy on the 'Heap', Sheffield

    As one of the people affected by the ‘Curry Run’ I would like to say that the comments so far are spot on. We were told of our impending doom by a chap I have never spoken too and we didn’t even no his name (he is now on holiday ironically) HR wasn’t even present which I thought was compulsary in these situations so the whole thing is a shambles and will no doubt get worse as no one in management seems to give a t***.

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  40. Give JP 2 years and there gone

    JP Management = MUPPETS !

    Everything they touch turns to a boiling pot of Goo.
    Who actually runs this organisation as its like a carry on film.
    The titanic sank slower than this company !
    Every multi national company is coming back to Britain as they have lost so many customers with bad service and poor language skills.

    So step up JP and decide to move to India…….yeah like they actually have a clue ! this is only the beginning i suspect more call centres to pop up and customers to pop off and go to rival publications

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  41. Ex-JP sub, t'North

    It ain’t half crap mum…

    Destroying lives like this will send the suits straight to hell.

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  42. lensman

    Looks like the share price is nosediving again http://www.johnstonpress.co.uk/investors/share-price

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  43. Scott

    They could at least remove this from their site: http://www.johnstonpress.co.uk/careers

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  44. shocking

    RT, Croydon
    You’re right, Its harder to get into India than it is into the UK. are JP willing to pay the relocation costs, find accommodation and pay the air fares for employees, families etc? They fully expect everyone to decline the offer, just like they did when they closed the local offices down and asked the relevant staff if they want to “relocate” to Sheffield. A week to make a decision, what an insult. Even advertising on Property Today (powered by Zoopla) you won’t sell your house in a week.
    Pre Press/Artists should take up their offer to relocate and watch JPs bums hit the floor. I wish I could be a fly on the wall. Ha Ha.
    I was one of the many Advertising Execs who lost their job in the North East due to relocation and the complaints are still coming in (according to my spy) due to incompetence and sheer neglect from the “new” staff in Sheffield who are offering a “better customer service” according to Ashley Highfield. Its a joke. Im pleased I’m out. I read my local paper every night (yes, I still buy it Mr Highfield) and the mistakes in classified are ridiculous, it must be costing a fortune in refunds and free adverts.
    I loved my job and my newspaper/customers but you can’t turn classified into a call centre. There is too much work to be done behind the scenes, it isn’t just a Hello/Goodbye call. It wont be long before Sheffield are found to be surplus to requirements too and they’re asked to relocate to India “to offer a better customer service” (within 2 years, JP wont want to pay any more redundancies).
    When is someone on the Board of Directors going to get their head out of the sand and realise that nothing they are coming up with is working. Revenue down, newspaper sales down, staff down, dailies to weeklies, charging 30p for a weekly Star which customers have received free through their door for years and now getting rid of the excellent Artists/Pre Press who do a great job, when is it going to end? I know, ask the people who still work there for their opinion or the customers who buy the newspaper, they have a better idea of how to run the business and what they would like to see in the newspapers, not the people sitting around the CEOs table coming up with one mistake after another and getting paid £££££ to watch the company sink. They don’t seem to have a clue, or they don’t care, its hard to figure out which one.

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  45. JP Puppet, Preston

    a Preston ad creation operator here. If anyone in Leeds or such wants my position they can take it and i’ll swap it for redundancy of my own. This is no joke btw, if it can be arranged somehow i’ll take it. I really am that fed up.

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  46. Spanner

    New guy on the ‘Heap’, Sheffield

    I am sorry for you but “no” or “know” his name.

    How’s the grammar in the Decan ?

  47. Ooop North/India

    The papers have been far from local for a long time, had to deal with ‘Creative Services’ in Ooop North from ‘Down South’ so it won’t make much difference.

    Ads went to pot when having to set our own 10×2’s

    Rather they had given us back a more localised production departments that knew what was going on and didn’t say no to anything that may be a little tricky.

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  48. Spanner

    former journalist

    Journalism has already been outsourced – never heard of PA features

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  49. Local JP Fan, Cloud Cookcoo Land

    I think classified advertising will be next as this is surely doomed to fail: Someone with a ‘call centre’ background and no proven knowledge of the Newspaper business is heading up the transformation of the classified departments all over JP into official ‘call centres’ Everything will be centralised. So for example, someone calling to place an advert for a local chippy in Sheffield could be dealing with call centre staff in Edinburgh ! The staff will then be booking the advert for someone in India to create…. ! They must think the readers and staff are completely stupid. It’s a complete shambles.

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  50. Vindaloo

    I thought a TUPE only applied within this country or EU ? What a disgrace only letting staff have a week to decide. It does show the contempt shown to hard working staff by incompetent management.

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  51. R. JP Employee, Leeds

    As one of the affected people, I find it shocking & completely unreasonable that I have just 4 days left to decide if I want to uproot 1/2 way round the world, after the announcement Friday, the Manager disappeared, & we have had no contact or consultation since, HR has been “Too Busy” and we have little to no Information whatsoever.

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  52. BringOnTheRevolt

    We need a group-wide strike at Johnston Press. Every day I go to work, every day I read Hold the Front Page, and I’m disgusted to hear about the latest cruel cost-cutting announcement.

    Ashley Highfield, I don’t know how you sleep at night. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes – we all know you’re full of spin; you swan around offices saying Johnston Press has a bright future but we know, and deep down you know, that this company is doomed. Looking to save cash quickly, Ash? Why not take a pay cut? Why not get rid of MDs’ company sports cars? Don’t axe hard-working, loyal members of staff who do a valuable job. Don’t outsource roles when, as you’ve said on numerous occasions, Ash, “life is local”. You’re completely ruining this once great business. Former workers will be turning in their graves. Bring on the mass revolt.

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  53. M JP Pre-press, Leeds

    HR have just informed us there is NO relocation package to transfer to India! And NO trial period! When they closed Ireland Ad-Creation and moved staff to Leeds, at least they were offered a relocation package. I’m gobsmacked! I assume they expect us to pay for the VISA application fees and get it pushed through in time for the August transfer.

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  54. JP Puppet

    Sadly it only seems the journalists are part of a union that has the power to call a strike.

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  55. Last one out - switch off the light

    OK – enough already! – you all know the way it’s going – so if you don’t/can’t strike then the other option is to look at either a series of MBO’s (banks have now been told to loan money to start ups etc) or to bid for any outsourcing contracts be journalistic or commercial (or both). You could easily start up a local PR campaign to keep jobs and skills alive within the local press. If you need office space there is plenty about – just look at your old work places.
    Lets face it no one else will be able to compete at any level – you guys have the knowledge and skills plus invaluable local insight – now go to it!!!!!!!!!!!

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  56. TR

    If I was one of those affected I’d take the job in India, spend a year there, and then write a book on the experience. I’d read it.

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  57. hacker

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen a newspaper strike post-Wapping that managed to achieve anything much.

    No relocation package?! This really is madness. JP is in its death throes.

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  58. JP Puppet

    Re; Last one out – switch off the light

    A start-up buisness loan for a 70 plus work-force? Yep that’ll work.

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  59. Losing Control

    Reclined in a chair that could only have been designed by Pininfarina sits JP – a fat corporate cat purring on one knee, a gleaming ipad postioned strategically on the other. All that was left, was gone. Eyes once glimmering with greed begin to dull as realization takes hold. The self-destruct button was pushed so long ago but only now was it’s consequence beginning to reveal itself. The greed was all-consuming turning back upon those that had unleashed it; those who deserved it most.

    A company in the ‘cloud’ maintained by workers from afar was beginning to fall from the sky. A scheme of cutting cost and maximizing gain created loss – lost pride, lost passion, lost respect, lost heart and lost identity. A company built upon a local core was doomed to fail as it’s foundations crumbled beneath it.

    A voice once ignored, echoes in JP’s ear, the voice of Google when they encouraged ‘going’ their way… their unofficial slogan repeats endlessly like a mantra… “Don’t be evil!”… Don’t be.

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  60. R. JP Employee, Leeds

    Not only are we now being told there is no relocation package, we are now also told there is no trial period (contradictory to what Paul Wealleans – Director of Group Prepress Services Stated) so presumably no help in obtaining a work visa either…

    We are also being forced to sign a form by Friday 29th June Indicating if we accept to transfer to India, or if we object to the transfer & will be made redundant instead.

    The offer of transfer is to attempt to remain within the legality of a TUPE transfer as being made redundant without would be illegal as the work is ongoing.

    We have had no direct consultation at all, just a few passed on emails.

    If we were to transfer, it seems we would be working in the UK on the 24th August & in India on the 27th, with No aid from the company whatsoever.

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  61. MW ex. JP employee

    Hate to think how the B’s and D’s will end up.
    Wonder if they will have proof readers
    Its the end of a traditional newspaper, which is a shame it was a sad day the day JP took over, it has been just run into the ground.
    I was made redundant in the last wave after 18 loyal years, but loyalty means nothing. Feel sorry for the people who have worked at the YP all their working career.
    Cant believe the work is being outsourced when Britain needs all the businesses to stay in Britain.
    Good Luck to you all.

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  62. Last one out - switch off the light

    JP Puppets comment says it all really!!!!
    Actually I never mentioned any numbers – you may have to start on a smaller scale but at least bloody start – what ever happened to that very small acorn??????
    It does not have to be one title in one area – remember how the Co-operative started?
    This all went wrong in the late 90’s so they restructured and went back to “hyper local”. They are now opening more local mini markets.
    We are all P***** off by what the various publishers management are messing up – just do something or give up and move on!

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  63. Runaway Ed

    If only newspapers had Protected Geographical Status like some foodstuffs – ie if you call yourself Oxdown Gazette you need to be made in the Oxdown region.
    There really is an unethical side to making redundant a local workforce on a GB-only product so you can have ‘virtual employees’ at much lower pay rates in the supposedly ‘booming economies’ thousands of miles away.
    Doesn’t fit with policies on Social Cohesion, but instead increases the welfare bill here. There should be the equivalent of a windfall tax on companies that do this, so the beancounters look beyond their bonuses when contemplating outsourcing.
    Interesting to note, too, that Unite is saying the RBS NatWest fiasco is down to IT outsourcing in India:

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  64. shocking

    According to ACAS TUPE means transferring from one company to another, I thought JP were just using this new company to provide a service on their behalf, I didn’t realise they were selling up?
    Relocation rights according to ACAS include a relocation package
    it reads
    “The biggest task is often to persuade key employees to move. In order to overcome employees! fears, employers may wish to offer
    relocation packages, which might include the following:
    • reimbursement of legal costs
    • help in arranging a mortgage
    • payment of excess housing costs
    • award of a disturbance allowance
    • reimbursement of house hunting
    Employers should be aware that further costs may be incurred through a need to provide for the redundancy or early retirement of
    those either not selected for relocation or not offered a suitable
    alternative job.
    It doesn’t sound as though they are any help at all. I think you may have more rights than you have been told.

    Check out the ACAS website http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=857

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  65. JPdrone, North of England

    I certainly wouldn’t accept anything HR have said without checking it out first with an employment lawyer. Most home contents policies at least give access to a legal helpline.

    HR seem to have little knowledge of up to date employment law. That’s my experience.

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  66. JP Puppet

    Re: JP Drone

    Wouldn’t surprise me if HR don’t really know what they are doing. JP is littered with square pegs in round holes. People get shifted into new positions less on the merits of if they can do the job but more on the length of time they have been here.

    In all my time here i’ve never known anyone be sent on a training course in order learn their new role.

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  67. Vindaloo

    Agree completely with the above… even their internal newsletter called TheWord is all propaganda. They certainly can talk the talk.

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  68. lensman

    Staff affected need to take the redundancy then get a good lawyer and claim constructive dismissal.

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  69. shocking

    not possible I understand that JP pay for a solicitor who makes redundant staff sign an agreement not to sue the company after they leave.
    For some staff who haven’t been there a long time they may be better off going down the constructive dismissal route rather than take their redundancy. I don’t know, I’m not a legal person but it may be worth asking.

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  70. Ex JP

    Sad and dismayed. I am one of the hardworking and loyal employees that JP found dispensable. I have always been passionate about local press! And JP Puppet it’s not about length of time, that counts for nothing, it’s if your “face fits”. My advice? Take the money and get the hell out!

  71. LG

    Outsourcing overseas means redundant staff don’t have as much money to spend with local businesses. This is repeated as more firms outsource and make people redundant. The local economy suffers, which means businesses are less likely to advertise with local papers. Presumably JP’s titles don’t run news stories about local firms making staff redundant because of outsourcing, at the risk of hypocrisy.

    So what next? Is JP working on software that automatically takes stories off PA, puts them on the page and sends them to the printers without the need for any humans?
    No, mustn’t go putting ideas into people’s heads…

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  72. GladImOutOfIt

    Shocking: I think that “agreement” may be unenforceable in law, as being an unreasonable clause in a contract. But who’s got the cash to challenge it?

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  73. jaimemelhorn blog, http://blog.livedoor.jp/jaimemelhorn159/

    It’s a good post.

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  74. BombayBicycleClub

    There hasn’t been one post on here which has seriously sought to explain or excuse this JP move, and that tells its own story.
    A dreadful indictment and it will need a bold move from the top if any shred of decency is going to emerge from this debacle.

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  75. House of Cards

    It appears to have gone under the radar that Peterborough print site is also closing and Sheffield print site is losing front line managers and engineering staff.
    If HR aren’t dealing with Ad Creation, and they’re not dealing with Peterborough or Sheffield because they’re too busy, where are they? Planning the next cull no doubt.
    Good luck with Phase 2 Ashley. After all, Phase 1 was such a success (according to The Word – Hmmm!?!)

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  76. shocking

    Does anyone know what happened to the 60-70 staff who are being relocated to India. Has anyone took up the JP offer or are JP having a change of heart? I know the staff were given only 1 week to decide but there has been nothing mentioned since.

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