30 January 2015

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Newspaper’s correction over mis-quote

A woman complained to the Press Complaints Commission that a Scottish newspaper published an inaccurate article about the alleged financial difficulties of a charity.

Sarah Reid raised a number of concerns about the article in the Midlothian Advertiser about the Dalkeith based Mark Wright Project.

These included the way in which the report described the lives of certain users of the charity and complaints that had been made about people working for it.

In responding to the complaint the newspaper said that the article was broadly accurate and the relevant individuals had been given an opportunity to comment in the original piece as well as a follow-up article

The issue was resolved through a correction and apology in which the Advertiser amended one word which had been wrong in the original piece after contacting the person concerned for authorisation.

The article that was printed¬†in resolving the complaint stated: “In the October 20 edition of the Advertiser we carried a report about the Mark Wright Project and quoted Alan Turnbull as saying: “…it saved my marriage.” We have been asked to point out that this should have read “…it saved my relationship.” We apologise for this error and any offence caused.”




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