22 December 2014

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Society of Editors conference to return to Belfast

The Society of Editors conference is to return to Belfast in November for the first time in 11 years.

The year’s biggest industry gathering will run from Sunday 11 November until the morning of Tuesday 13 November.

Society of Editors president Fran Unsworth, head of newsgathering for the BBC said: “Belfast is an exciting modern city with a colourful, unmatched history surrounded by a beautiful country full of names that filled news bulletins for years.

“We can be sure of a warm welcome and the talk on the conference platform will be matched only by the craic in the bars.”

1 Comment

  1. Chris Youett, Coventry

    Dear Sir,

    Fran should remember that he is a journalist, not a double glazing salesman. Belfast is a historic city that dates back to the time when the Irish all spoke the Language of ‘Eaven. Since the ceasefire that the NUJ brokered, it has smartened itself up – but there are still plenty of pockets of Third World poverty.

    I hope that the Society of Editors will look beyond the over-priced glitz of the ghastly Europe Hotel & see how Belfast is spending the peace dividend.


    Chris Youett.

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