29 January 2015

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Trinity Mirror to impose 2012 pay freeze

Newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror has announced a 12-month pay freeze for all its 6,500 staff.

The decision was announced in a memo circulated to all staff across both its national and regional divisions and will apply to all employees including the Board.

A Trinity Mirror spokesman, said: “2011 has been a challenging year for the business and the outlook for 2012 shows no signs of improving.

“The decision not to hold a pay review in Trinity Mirror during 2012 applies to everyone – the Board, all management and employees of the Group.”

The last pay freeze across the whole of the group was announced in November 2008 and covered the whole of 2009.

More than 40 jobs are currently under threat at the group’s West Midlands titles, a further 14 at its Media Wales subsidiary, and six at the Liverpool Daily Post, which is shortly converting to weekly.


  1. Reporter

    Last week – National papers owned by Trinity Mirror savage the UK government for only offering the public sector staff they employ a 1% rise in each of the next two years.

    This week – Trinity Mirror tells its staff they ain’t getting anything next year.

    A case of do as we say not as we do if ever there was one.

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  2. Blustringer

    Aw cute.

    We’re all in this together with the board, eh?

    Still, I expect the financial suffering about to be endured by their most senior execs will be eased by the 66% pay package boost they received in 09.

    Poor Sly has to struggle by on £1.6m while Vijay Vaghela is somehow expected to manage on a mere £909,000.


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  3. Spanner, UK

    Merry Christmas one and all !

    Lets see if Sylvia gets her bonus this year then !

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  4. House Rules

    I’m sure the thought that the board and senior management are not getting increases in their six-figure (at least) salaries will warm our hearts when our heating bills, council tax, road tax, food bills rise and our pay does not go up with them.

    Thank you for being so considerate Trinity.

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  5. togger

    Im a staff photographer for a title which is a rival on a Trinity Mirror title’s patch. What I earn nearly equates to a minimum wage. I know for a fact some of the photographers on the Trinity title earn twice as much as I do net salary. TWICE a much. Those poor buggers. Hmmm

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  6. June Fairbrother, Coventry

    If this means that more of my colleagues can remain in their jobs then I welcome the pay freeze. The staff are the company’s greatest asset after all.

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  7. pay rise

    I think everyone is being very unfair to the poor bosses at TM after all big house, nice cars and posh holidays don’t pay for themselves, you know.
    I personally wouldn’t know what to do with a yacht over at Canary Wharf but why shouldn’t they be able to afford one.
    I imagine the y work very hard for that money. Costs don’t cut themselves and it must be very difficult ordering someone else to make redundancies.
    Shame on the workforce for depriving these visionaries of a couple of quid at Christmas

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