30 January 2015

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Fresh exposure for Sussex football team

At first glance it looks like any other team shot from a local weekly’s football pages, but closer inspection of this Bexhill United line-up reveals one of the players giving a bit too much of the ball away. From the Bexhill Observer.


  1. P Stoff

    This happened in Scarborough many years ago. Sarah Hickey, a photographer at the Scarborough Evening News, took a shot of a much larger group of players at the town rugby club. One had his tackle out. She didn’t notice and the pic was printed. I believe action was taken by the local fuzz.

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  2. Old hack

    It happens a lot..
    Many teams try it on and have done for years..
    Even kids teams… Just keep a one-eye out..!

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  3. Ex-Insider

    Old Hack is quite right. I first came across this sort of thing 40 years ago. As far as this latest Bexhill example is concerned, it looks to me like a plea for sympathy.

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  4. Biff

    i remember the scarborough one.

    It has happened to a paper i used to work out, also had a young kid flicking V’s in a school group shot that went unseen until it was too late.

    Also I remember rugby teams used to invent fake names for sponsors and opposition players for match reports and the sports sub obviously didn’t read the copy.

    Hugh Jarse construction – match ball sponsor
    IP Freely – opens the batting

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  5. John Pakey, Lincoln

    The sport report which required the most work I’ve ever seen was a cricket report written the weekend of the death of Michael Jackson.

    The person who submitted it managed to get a Michael Jackson song title in every sentence, i.e: “Dave told Mark he had to be starting something with the bowling”.

    Was quite fun to proof that one, right to the final line ‘Scorer: Billy Jean’. I think our sub managed to rip most of them out.

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