28 January 2015

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Rival hyperlocal sites go head to head in ‘media city’

A new hyperlocal news site has launched in Manchester with the aim of “getting the real story to the people.”

Manchester Online went live on 19 October, covering Greater Manchester and the so-called ‘medai city’ of Salford – the same patch already covered by 10-year-old Salford Online.

The new site has been promoting itself on Twitter as ‘the online news site for Manchester’ and encourages readers to send their news in.

It is updated throughout the day and was created using a platform called Moonfruit which enables people to build websites.


  1. Nigel Barlow

    What a strange story.

    No mention of who is behind it or exactly what or with who the rivalry will be with

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  2. Dave Lee, London

    Does “getting the real story to the people” require plagiarism? Almost every story on that website has been stolen, in full, from the BBC, local newspapers or other websites.

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  3. Old cynic

    I’m aware of three other such sites in Manchester – Manchester Confidential, Mancunian Matters and Blottr – and I’m not even from Manchester or that interested, so I would agree that this story is missing some substance.

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