31 January 2015

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Free newspaper launched in Glasgow

A new free newspaper has been launched in Glasgow three months later than originally planned.

The SouthSide Press is a hybrid of The Glasgow SouthEast Press and The Govan and Glasgow SouthWest Press.

The paper’s publisher John Maclean is now working full-time at the company. As recently as last week he had been a freelance sub-editor, his final shift coinciding with final edition of the Scottish News of the World on Sunday.

The title – with a print run over 30,000 – was due to be launched in late April, but was delayed to allow for the appointment of  a sales director.


  1. Tom Kane, CROFTFOOT

    Last week I went to Castlemilk library and picked up a copy of this paper dated 14 July 2011.
    Today I went back to the library again and asked for a copy dated 28 July 2011 .They did not know what I was talking about.
    tom kane

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  2. John Maclean, Glasgow

    The second edition went out, as planned, on August 4. All 30,000 copies were quickly snapped up.
    You can see an online version of it here:
    This is part of a planned phased transition from monthly to fortnightly publication (with a small but dedicated and professional staff).
    Edition 3 will publish on August 24.
    The paper will then be fortnightly from September 8.

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  3. John Maclean, Glasgow

    Sorry, that was a link to the Govan Press edition of the SouthSide Press. The other edition is here:
    I find the page-turn facility at Yudu.com to be a great resource, especially for my Sales team!

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