30 January 2015

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Regional publisher’s staff take up green car scheme

A regional publisher has seen a 30pc take-up of a carbon-cutting scheme where its employees drive greener company cars.

Archant has given staff who need a car for work the option of a more environmentally-friendly vehicle, which also gives them a financial reward.

The newspaper group expected only 10pc of workers to take up the greener cars but the latest figures show more than 30pc have.

Greg Parton, Archant’s head of procurement and sustainability, said: “While Archant is not saving any money by introducing it, we are doing our bit for the environment.”

Traditionally most of the company’s fleet cars have been Vauxhall Astras but these are being replaced with the ecoFLEX Astra, which emits 10g less carbon per km.

Those staff members who feel they can go for a smaller car can now drive the Corsa ecoFlex and qualify for a cash incentive – equivalent to the tax penalty of having a company vehicle.

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