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June 2008 News

Career choices

TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Spooks can influence what careers young people want. What careers do young people in your area aspire to? What attracts them? Do they follow in their parents’ footsteps or are there other influences?

Kids who learn at home

Every week day by around 9am, most children are sitting at their desks in classrooms ready to start the daily routine of school life. It sounds like many a child’s dream to be allowed to stay home from school every

Pampered pets

Pampered pooches can relax in a heated pool and a therapist is on hand to massage aching bodies at an exclusive poodle parlour in Wales. The main idea behind the hydrotherapy spa is to treat dogs recovering from injuries or

More school trips?

Outdoor learning, including school trips and visits, are taking off as the spring turns into summer. Some 7m pupil visits take place every year which means that thousands of pupils are going on visits every week. From a geography field

Impact of digital pics

Digital cameras are good for the environment – but are they finally putting High Street photo developers out of business? What strategies are Boots, SupaSnaps, Jessops and other major stores putting in place to combat the change in our habits?

Understanding allergy

Plenty of people say they are allergic to Christmas, or work, or even the 21st Century! But for real-life sufferers allergies are no laughing matter. Even inside their own home some people have terrible problems – dust, latex, animal allergies

New editor for Scottish weeklies

Karen Steven to take over hot seat as titles go through production changes